Photo-a-Day Project

The Photo-a-Day Project is on hiatus (again!) as of 6/10.  I will get around to uploading everything to Flickr eventually… eventually…

In an effort to hone my photography skills, I will be posting one photo a day on Flickr, since I’m certain I’ll run out of room too quickly here to keep up with it.  When things get rolling, I hope to consolidate all of this into one place to make it easier for me to keep track of, but for now I have to deal with the limited space and a million log-ins.

I’m looking to be more deliberate about the pictures I take by paying attention to lighting, framing, foreground, and all those other photography goodies that are resurfacing after many years outside of the darkroom (of course, now I’m shooting with either my crappy digital point-and-shoot or my 5mp camera on my phone).  I welcome comments, suggestions, and criticism, as long as they are all in the effort of helping my photography become ever more awesome (though if you just like a picture, I’m always happy to hear that, too!).

This all came about because recently, while talking to a friend, it occurred to me that I take some pretty damn good photos.  And I loved photography when I was in high school, and I loved my beautiful, manual Pentax SLR camera, and I loved developing my own film.  And, like so many other things that just got pushed the wayside, I decided photography wasn’t for me because there “was no money in it.”  Lately, I’ve come to realize that this is the absolute worst argument anyone can ever make to you, especially if you’re interested in or passionate about something.  I’m sorry that I listened to the many people in my life who told me this about pretty much everything I ever wanted to do, but I’m listening to what my heart tells me now, which is how this whole lunatic project was born (the photography, and all the rest).

And for now, I leave you with this:


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