Allo allo, Stitchers!

I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day weekend!  Mine was spent enjoying the hell out of a campground in Pennsylvania, eating a lot of delicious food (cooked over a campfire, the best!), and running around Dorney Park and realizing that I’m not as young as I used to be!  Apparently roller coasters actually screw with your inner ear, go figure…

Naturally, though, it wouldn’t be a true camping excursion if it didn’t rain at least once, because the powers that be refuse to let me ever pack up my tent dry.  We had absolutely spectacular weather all weekend, until early Monday morning (around 6:00am) when there was this soft pitter-patter of rain.  I pulled our shoes into the tent, and literally ten minutes later it was raining so hard that I thought my tent would collapse.  Thunder storm!  For about 45 minutes!  Means my tent was not only wet on the outside, but it flooded!  >_<;;

However, it was a beautiful trip, and much needed after the last few weeks (and short, so I can get right back to work!  ^.~).  That all being said, let’s move on to the last big quilt in the series, shall we?

So, on Friday I kind of gave you guys a bit of a head’s up on what I was working on.  It was super geeky!  And super awesome, if I do say so myself.

First, let’s start with the fabric selection.  I was going for blues, but the Triforce itself is usually gold.  I picked this really beautiful orange-red-yellow fabric for the main block and the rest were blues, blacks, and purples:

In the last post, I described the process of teaching myself to paper-piece a quilt.  The Sunburst quilt was much easier to piece because it was a pre-existing pattern out of a book, whereas this quilt I made literally from scratch.  I made the pattern; how would I piece it?  It took me a few tries to get the order of the pieces down, and I made some really awfully incorrect calculations about how much fabric I’d need, but ultimately I got the look I wanted:

(you can see in this photo how the two long triangles on the sides don’t go all the way to the corner.  whoops!)

Still, I did the small corner pieces first so I would have (a) a better sense of what order the fabrics had to be added to the paper backing and (b) a better sense of how much fabric to cut, since the center block was quite large and would take up a lot of fabric anyway.  I’m glad I did this in this way; it definitely made doing the larger block significantly easier:

And here’s the top of the quilt before sewing it all together:

Little Triforces in the corners!  Whee!

And the top after it’s been pieced in full, and all the paper backing has been removed:

It’s super geometric, which is okay since we’re talking about a bunch of triangles here, but I one day aspire to making such amazing quilts as this piece.  Holy crap, it’s beautiful!  Alas, my skills are not there quite yet, but they will be!

Some details:

And now, pinning the layers through for quilting:

One final shot before it goes under my needle!

I’ve quilted this puppy, but didn’t take pictures of it because I finished it Friday and then had to pack for camping.  So, more pictures of the finished quilt will follow!

Here’s the plan for the rest of this week:

  • I will be working on a few commissioned pieces and finishing them up for the weekend.  I will post about them and take pictures, and they will ultimately be for sale on the Etsy store, but they aren’t part of the Kickstarter project per se.
  • I want to mail out Kickstarter rewards to everyone by the end of this week.  I’ll be posting there with what I think should go to each person, and hopefully everyone will give me their feedback crazy soon.
  • I might spend a little time in the studio working on my pottery.  I’ve been sorely neglecting my projects there, and want to bring the things I have waiting to the next stage in the process.  However, I also don’t want to take too much time away from sewing, so we’ll see.
  • I will (hopefully) be taking pictures with my sister this week of the few clothes that I made; I’ll also be taking the finished quilts to the park to take some nicely lit photos of them so that those on the Kickstarter project who get a photo CD… will actually have a photo CD.  ^.^;

I think that’s all for now, darlings.  I must get back to some serious hand-stitching (I am playing around this week with a method for finishing the quilts that doesn’t involve several hours – each – of hand-sewing the binding to the back of the quilt) in order for your presents to go in the mail by the end of the week.  And Miss Beth Ann, you and I need to get on the phone stat and discuss your quilt before I run out of fabric to make it with!

Until later, duckies!


About Which Stitchery

For almost as long as I can remember, I have been in love with fabric and all of the amazing things you can do with it. I've made costumes, hats, and dabbled in corsetry. I made quilts and I knit and I crochet and I wonder what sort of crazy things I can do with pretty much every scrap of fabric I come across. Next up: learning how to batik! Welcome to this happy little blog, which will chronicle my projects as I work on various new ways to make the world around me a little more colorful!
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5 Responses to Geekery

  1. susan says:

    Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!!!! ❤

  2. oooh, fancy. you are uber talented, miss! perhaps one day we shall sell pastries and quilts side by side!

  3. Megan says:

    I LOVE THIS QUILT! Got it in person on Tuesday and I can’t express how impressive it is! Thank you again, Nessa, keep up the excellent work. P.S. I would charge at least $60 for that size/quality. AT LEAST. Just for reference. 🙂

    • Yay! I’m so glad that it arrived and that you love it. ^_^ That makes all the effort worthwhile! And duly noted on the pricing, I was thinking somewhere in that range (maybe up to $80) myself. ^-^

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