Progress Continues

Happy Spring!

In an effort to keep myself busy while I’m waiting on Kickstarter, and since I somehow managed to leave my spindle (and the USB cord for my camera, alas!) at home (at a friend’s right now), I’ve been rearranging the blog a bit.  I’ve added a new section, which can be found here, or by clicking the Adventures in Mud-slinging tab above.  Making a bit more of an effort to sell my pots, since now my kitchen table is inundated with stoneware that I can’t possibly use or store!  So.  Much.  Clay.  O_o

It’s been an interesting process deciding what is for sale and what isn’t.  I’m still at the stage where I love pretty much everything I throw, and I just want to keep it all!  But I also recognize that I’m pretty darn good at this whole pottery thing, and I feel like there is absolutely no reason not to get paid for my efforts and emerging talents. 

This has actually been a huge problem for me most of my life.  I have an enormous abhorrence for money, so I’ve always been happy to trade my craft skills for something as simple as a smile rather than take payment (and/or, I’ll have someone pay for the materials to construct whatever it is that I happen to be making them).  I’ve rarely taken payment outright for anything I’ve made, fixed, or altered, and this whole notion of opening the Etsy shop and legitimately trying to make a living with my crafts (however haltingly I’m beginning) is sort of foreign to me.  I’m just starting to come around to the idea that yes, what I do is amazing and special and yes, people can and will pay money for the things that I can do.  It makes pricing items an interesting adventure, that’s for sure!  But I know that my time is valuable, and that the products that I make are quality. 

I wonder if other people in the hand-made community felt this way (or still do) before finally taking the plunge and saying, “Please pay me for my labors of love.”  Personally, I feel that as a culture we have some pretty interesting notions of wealth, value, and consumerism, and typically my attitude is about as far from the “normal” version of these things as you can get (hence the above-mentioned previously used barter system).  But I know that if I want to have any success at all as a crafter, I must – pardon the expression – buy into these notions that America, on the whole, values.

I also need to get busy getting back to my sewing machine.  This weekend has been a strange sort of interlude involving friends, food, and travel (and a sad neglecting of my cat, alas!).  I’m in the process of trying to negotiate something with my landlord so that I can stay in my apartment at least long enough to figure out where to go next (a long story for another time), which has put a weird damper on things, and all I want to do is sit down to my machine and sew for a few hours and at least pretend that the last few days have been close to normal.  Plus, bringing you pretties is what I’m trying to be all about these days, and so I feel like I haven’t delivered!  Must rectify this immediately. 

Until I’m back home, though, my hands are tied, so for now I will simply say, good evening.


About Which Stitchery

For almost as long as I can remember, I have been in love with fabric and all of the amazing things you can do with it. I've made costumes, hats, and dabbled in corsetry. I made quilts and I knit and I crochet and I wonder what sort of crazy things I can do with pretty much every scrap of fabric I come across. Next up: learning how to batik! Welcome to this happy little blog, which will chronicle my projects as I work on various new ways to make the world around me a little more colorful!
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