Video Editing Hell

Wow.  It’s been a long time – 6 years – since I’ve had to use video editing software, and I must say my day has truly been a revelation in terms of that whole “use it or lose it” adage.

(For the record, I despise Windows Movie Maker, but couldn’t find anything better in a pinch.  I’m familiar with Flash and FinalCut Pro, but neither are free, I didn’t feel like downloading either, and (evil) WMM is.  Veto.)

When I was an undergrad at Bennington, digital art was my “minor” (in quotes because Bennington didn’t really have majors or minors).  I spent hours – HOURS – in the Pod (our digital arts computer lab of awesome) my junior and senior year constructing all sorts of crazy media projects.  I’m trying to cut this video together today for the Kickstarter project and I’ve been working on it since at least 11:00am.  It is now 5:00pm and I’ve had to convert file types, download two different versions of WMM, construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct the whole video, and it’s still not finished.  And why?  Because I spent x amount of hours cutting and splicing and editing the video I took on my dinky point-and-shoot digital camera using WMM 2.6, and when I went to render the finished video, it threw up an error message.  And not a little dinky error message.  Oh, no.  It was a huge error message of SUCK (which it turns out was very common for that version of WMM).

Several more hours of searching the internet for a solution, I found WMM 6.0, which claimed it was compatible with WMM 2.6 project files (the raw video, unrendered).  W.R.O.N.G. So, after nearly tearing my hair out after another extensive download and install process, I’ve figured out an incredibly complex way to transfer the video I already made in the earlier version of WMM to the 6.0 version.  This incredibly complex way of transferring the video involves a notebook, a pen, and me watching the clips I compiled very carefully for source file, start/end times, and what dialogue begins and ends a clip.

It’s not a huge problem now that I’ve figured it out, but what’s under my skin right now is that I want to keep working on this video, and I can’t (I’m going to a Vienna Teng concert tonight, which is an absolutely legitimate excuse to leave this thing alone for a while).

When I was working on my senior animation project, I spent 3 days in the Pod editing and rendering video and cutting a soundtrack.  I didn’t sleep, eat, or leave the room except to pee.

And this is my problem: I hyperfocus majorly on projects that have my interest or feel like they belong in the Number One Slot on my Priorities List (of course this does right now!).  But here’s where singlemindedness might hurt… I’m about to go to see one of my most favorite artists of all time in concert, and my brain will probably be right here in front of this darned computer.  -_-

A completely unproductive post, except to let everyone know that (a) Windows Movie Maker is the devil, and (b) Vienna Teng ( is a goddess and everyone should listen to her amazing music!

Annnnd… now I’m late!  Catch you all later, stitchers!


About Which Stitchery

For almost as long as I can remember, I have been in love with fabric and all of the amazing things you can do with it. I've made costumes, hats, and dabbled in corsetry. I made quilts and I knit and I crochet and I wonder what sort of crazy things I can do with pretty much every scrap of fabric I come across. Next up: learning how to batik! Welcome to this happy little blog, which will chronicle my projects as I work on various new ways to make the world around me a little more colorful!
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