Photo Documentation!

As promised, some pictures of the current projects, one of which I completely forgot to mention (that’s what happens when I’m working three projects at once… at least one of them gets lost in the shuffle!).

Here we have the knitted armwarmers.  They’re coming along nicely, though I did start them over a year ago.  To be fair, I didn’t have quite as much time to sit and do anything with them for a long time, but there’s no excuse at this point for me to sit and merely LOOK at this project.  Must finish it!

I tried to get different lighting so that you get a better sense of the color of the yarn because it’s really lovely (a sort of muted, autumny rainbow), but I was taking these pictures with my phone because I’m too lazy to be bothered finding my camera.  You can see the detail on the edges of the piece (ribbing, hooray!  My best girlfriend taught me how last year).  Nothing spectacular, I don’t consider myself a particularly accomplished knitter, but that’s only because I don’t spend nearly enough time practicing.

The following photos are of the pieces of a quilt I’ve been working on, also for almost a year (noticing a pattern here?).  Typically it doesn’t take me long to put things together, but I was teaching for a better part of 2010 and that took a lot out of me – time and energy-wise.  This year I’m going to dedicate more time to creating.  Anyway, I love the colors of this quilt, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the batik fabric that I got on a trip in Massachusetts last April.  It’s so wonderfully easy to work with and so beautiful and unique.  I may do a series of projects that are solely batik fabric… dresses and the like.

The pictures of the finished quilt are from a book that I’m using for basic block patterns at the moment… can’t find it, but as soon as I do I will put in proper references and credits. (EDIT: the quilting book is called Simple Style: Easy Weekend Quilts by Sara Diepersloot.  The quilt I’m working on is called “Summertime.”  Images used/reproduced without permission.) Anyway, this book has a ton of fun blocks in it and since I’m too lazy these days to come up with my own block patterns, for now this is my go-to guide for quilting.

Finally in this set of photos (the missing piece!) you have a counted cross stitch piece that has been in my possession since I was a junior in high school.  Needless to say, that’s a long time, and I’m sad that it sat in a box under my bed for so long before I realized I’d never even started the thing.  I’ve been working on that one section at a time, and it’s coming together nicely.  I’m sure if I spent a whole day with it, it would get done, but alas, there are other things that are demanding my attention at the moment.

Like grocery shopping, and the pottery studio.  I’m off to go make things (and eat!)!


About Which Stitchery

For almost as long as I can remember, I have been in love with fabric and all of the amazing things you can do with it. I've made costumes, hats, and dabbled in corsetry. I made quilts and I knit and I crochet and I wonder what sort of crazy things I can do with pretty much every scrap of fabric I come across. Next up: learning how to batik! Welcome to this happy little blog, which will chronicle my projects as I work on various new ways to make the world around me a little more colorful!
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